NC Average Last, and First Frost Dates by County

* (Burlington) - indicates specific location that gathered the data.
**(L) - stands for Average, Last Frost Date.
***(F) - stands for Average, First Frost Date.
**** tbc - (stands for: to be confirmed) dates for these locations are not published, we will enquire, and try to make them available, asap.

ALAMANCE (Burlington *)(L**)-April, 1st, (F***)-November, 1st.
ALEXANDER (L)-tbc****, (F)-tbc.
ALLEGHANY (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
ANSON (Wadesboro) (L)-March, 28th, (F)-November, 4th.
ASHE (Transou) (L)-May, 15th, (F)-October, 1st.
AVERY (Banner Elk) (L)-May, 13th, (F)- October, 2nd.
BEAUFORT (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
BERTIE (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
BLADEN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
BRUNSWICK (Southport) (L)-March, 19th, (F)-November, 12th.
BUNCOMBE (Asheville) (L)-April, 10th, (F)-October, 23rd.
BUNCOMBE (Bent Creek) (L)-May, 5th, (F)-October, 9th.
BUNCOMBE (Black Mountain) (L)-April, 27th, (F)-October, 17th.
BUNCOMBE (Enka) (L)-April, 21st, (F)-October, 20th.
BURKE (Morganton) (L)-April, 21st, (F)-October, 18th.
BURKE (Hickory) (L)-April, 8th, (F)-October, 30th.
CABARRUS (Concord) (L)-April, 2nd, (F)-November, 2nd.
CALDWELL (Lenoir) (L)-April, 16th, (F)-October, 21
CAMDEN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc
CARTERET (Morehead City) (L)-March, 20th, (F)-November, 19th.
CASWELL (L)-April, 15th, (F)-October, 15th.
CATAWBA (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
CHATHAM (Siler City) (L)-April, 26th, (F)-October, 15th.
CHEROKEE (Andrews) (L)-May, 4th, (F)-October, 10th.
CHOWAN (Edenton) (L)-March, 23rd, (F)-November, 11th.
CLAY (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
CLEVELAND (Shelby) (L)-April, 12th, (F)-October, 25th.
COLUMBUS (Whiteville) (L)-April, 2nd, (F)-October, 31st.
CRAVEN (New Bern) (L)-March, 22nd, (F)-November, 9th.
CUMBERLAND (Fayetteville) (L)-April, 2nd, (F)-October, 31st.
CURRITUCK (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
DARE (Hatteras) (L)-March, 3rd, (F)-December, 11th.
DAVIDSON (Lexinton) (L)-March, 31st, (F)-October, 31st.
DAVIE (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
DUPLIN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
DURHAM (Durham) (L)-April, 13th, (F)-October, 24th.
EDGECOMBE (Rocky Mount) (L)-April, 5th, (F)-October, 25th.
EDGECOMBE (Tarboro) (L)-April, 5th, (F)-October, 28th.
FORSYTH (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
FRANKLIN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
GASTON (Gastonia) (L)-April, 6th, (F)-November, 1st.
GATES (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
GRAHAM (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
GRANVILLE (Oxford) (L)-April, 5th, (F)-October, 28th.
GREENE (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
GUILFORD (Greensboro Pump Station) (L)-April, 6th, (F)-October, 28th.
GUILFORD (Greensboro WSO AP) (L)-April, 11th, (F)-October, 27th.
GUILFORD (High Point) (L)-April, 3rd, (F)-October, 30th
HALIFAX (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc
HARNETT (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc
HAYWOOD (Canton) (L)-May, 4th, (F)-October, 10th.
HAYWOOD (Waterville) (L)-April, 10th, (F)-October, 26th.
HAYWOOD (Waynesville) (L)-May, 7th, (F)-October, 8th.
HENDERSON (Hendersonville) (L)-April, 26th, (F)-October, 12th.
HERTFORD (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
HOKE (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
HYDE (New Holland) (L)-March, 30th, (F)-November, 11th.
IREDELL (Statesville) (L)-April, 23rd, (F)-October, 19th.
JACKSON (Cullowhee) (L)-May, 3rd, (F)-October, 11th.
JOHNSTON (Smithfield) (L)-April, 7th, (F)-October, 25th.
JONES (Maysville) (L)-April, 22nd, (F)-October, 24th.
LEE (Sanford) (L)-April, 19th, (F)-October, 22nd.
LENOIR (Kinston) (L)-March, 29th, (F)-October, 29th.
LINCOLN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
MACON (Coweeta Exp. Station) (L)-May, 7th, (F)-October, 7th.
MACON (Franklin) (L)-May, 4th, (F)-October, 12th.
MACON (Highlands) (L)-April, 25th, (F)-October, 22nd.
MADISON (Hot Springs) (L)-April, 21st, (F)-October, 21.
MADISON (Marshall) (L)-April, 29th, (F)-October 15th.
MARTIN (Williamston) (L)-March, 29th, (F)-November, 3rd.
MCDOWELL (Marion) (L)-April, 9th, (F)-October, 31st.
MECKLENBURG (Charlotte) (L)-April, 2nd, (F)-November, 5th.
MITCHELL (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc
MONTGOMERY (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc
MOORE (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
NASH (Nashville) (L)-April, 4th, (F)-October, 30th.
NEW HANOVER (Wilmington) (L)-March, 17th, (F)-November, 14th.
NEW HANOVER (Wilmington 7 N) (L)-April, 6th, (F)-November, 3rd.
NORTHAMPTON (Jackson) (L)-April, 11th, (F)-October, 26th.
ONSLOW (L)-tbc (F)-tbc
ORANGE (Chapel Hill) (L)-April, 15th, (F)-October, 23rd.
PAMLICO (L)-tbc (F)-tbc.
PASQUOTANK (Elizabeth City) (L)-March, 31st, (F)-November, 7th.
PENDER (Willard) (L)-April, 4th, (F)-November, 1st.
PERQUIMANS (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
PERSON (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
PITT (Greenville) (L)-April, 1st, (F)-October, 30th.
POLK (Tryon) (L)-April, 5th, (F)-October, 29th.
RANDOLPH (Asheboro) (L)-April, 5th, (F)-October, 31st.
RICHMOND (Hamlet) (L)-April, 9th, (F)-October, 24th.
ROBESON (Lumberton) (L)-April, 4th, (F)-October, 28th.
ROCKINGHAM (Reidsville) (L)-April, 7th, (F)-October, 27th.
ROWAN (Rowan Research Station) (L)-April, 17th, (F)-October, 20th
ROWAN (Salisbury) (L)-April, 9th, (F)-October, 26th.
RUTHERFORD (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc
SAMPSON (Clinton) (L)-April, 1st, (F)-October, 29th.
SCOTLAND (Laurinburg) (L)-March, 20th, (F)-November, 1st.
STANLY (Albemarle) (L)-April, 8th, (F)-October, 25th.
STOKES (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
SURRY (Mount Airy) (L)-April, 22nd, (F)-October, 15th.
SWAIN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc
TRANSYLVANIA (Brevard) (L)-May, 3rd, (F)-October, 8th.
TRANSYLVANIA (Pisgah Forest) (L)-May, 2nd, (F)-October, 10th.
TYRRELL (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
UNION (Monroe) (L)-April, 12th, (F)-October, 25th.
VANCE (Henderson) (L)-April, 21st, (F)-October, 23rd.
WAKE (Raleigh-Durham WSO AP) (L)-April, 11th, (F)-October, 27th.
WAKE (Raleigh NCSU) (L)-March, 30th, (F)-November, 5th.
WAKE (Raleigh 4 SW) (L)-April, 1st, (F)-November, 1st.
WARREN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
WASHINGTON (Plymouth) (L)-April, 13th, (F)-October, 25th.
WATAUGA (Blowing Rock) (L)-May, 3rd, (F)-October, 11th.
WAYNE (Goldsboro) (L)-March, 28th, (F)-October, 30th.
WILKES (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
WILSON (Wilson) (L)-April, 2nd, (F)-October, 29th.
YADKIN (L)-tbc, (F)-tbc.
YANCEY (Celo) (L)-May, 18th, (F)-September, 27th.
Compilation above, is based on data published by NCSU, Dept. of Horticultural Science.
Please, see the
original, for more in depth information on the subject.


NCSU, Dept. of Horticulture

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